Unknown file

$ file hardshells
hardshells: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
$ mv hardshells

Data file tricks

$ file dat
dat: data

Use hexedit or bless to open.

If you find:

IHDR or IDAT - are section headers for PNG. Search for png magic headers/bytes

@ICC_PROFILE or Adobe anywhere - Search for JPEG Magic headers/bytes


Split frames of GIF

$ convert picasso.gif %02d.png


Convert white pixels into transparent pixels (several files)

$ ls *.png | while read filename; do convert $filename -transparent white $filename; done

Stack/Overlay images on top of each other

$ ls *.png | while read filename; do convert $filename 00.png -gravity center -composite 00.png; done




PK - ZIP Magic File Header

Bruteforce Zip Password

Download rockyou.txt (it's a wordlist)

$ fcrackzip -v -D -u -p rockyou.txt


$ file dat
dat: Minix filesystem, V1, 30 char names, 20 zones
$ mkdir mountpoint && sudo mount dat mountpoint/

PCAP (Packet Capture)

$ tcpflow -r thunder.pcap - Will output files that go from one IP to another

$ binwalk -e thunder.pcap

$ foremost thunder.pcap

$ strings thunder.pcap | grep -r "flag" - Shot in the dark


Given a .pem file, go to Settings > Preferences > Protocol > SSL Add RSA key list with .pem for IP Address you need to decrypt Enter name for SSL debug file